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Oct 21, 2021
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Columbus, Ohio
Hello, Ive been lurking and learning about the vagabond lifestyle for a month and a half now, and can see myself living this life as I have always been attracted to travelling in that fashion, I suppose I am a rubber tramp but a very inexperienced one at that, having only ever been on a motorcycle trip where I camped out a couple nights, going through different states. My name is Roo, like a kangaroo. I want to understand the life first hand. I swear since learning about it, train hopping has been a buzzword, but I cant be ashamed, trains are pretty cool. I've done my research and knew pretty early on, I was gonna have to learn by myself, though the resources that are out there have aided me a lot!

My mindset has changed over the past couple months, I was working 10 hours a day doin construction as the perpetually spinning gear of society and after being burned, and reading 1984, I feel like a pawn. I am introducing myself to immerse myself, which I feel somewhat guilty because, I know my position is not one of desperation nor necessity, though at times it feels like it. I grew up lower middle class in a nice suburb, but I have never felt like I fit in with the crowd, I moved out when I was 18 to a new city and fell into the grind of getting absolutely nothing done. I am in debt a couple thousand dollars and its not that I don't want to pay it, but I want to downgrade my lifestyle so that I never have to give into that kind of shit again. I've always loved camping, being outside, breaking into abandoned buildings, but the system made me scared, the media feeds us scary shit every day, and I'm just tired of being scared and working to give it away, I want to be free, and I believe this is the path to freeing my spirit.

Since, I've been hanging out near the rails, I have come to enjoy being there, its something to do. From being around and attempting to catch out a couple times, I have learned a lot about the rails in my area. Now that I am familiar with my surroundings, I have spots for north and south. My issue now is actually committing to it, the fear, the conditioning I have been fighting all along has bested me again. I am going to try and take on each of those thoughts one by one, my original plan was to catch out tonight, but I am thinking I am going to camp outside to get comfortable as its been a long time since I have slept outside. I have a deep respect and appreciation for all of you and how you live, and I hope you are safe, and in good health.

Safe Travels,

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