Apr 8, 2018
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Portland, OR
So my name is Brianna but I usually go by SummerFire and I live in Portland, OR as of July 2017 after living in San Diego, CA for way too long (28 years) and I’m a queer and trans woman of color. I joined StP forums a few months ago but I was dealing with a shit ton of depression and anxiety but I finally gained the strength to do an introduction!

I hope to meet new peeps and I really hope I meet someone to hop my first freight train with, my friend Haley “Halestorm “ Sanderson was going to be that person till she OD’d n died back in ‘16. I just don’t want to go alone and I want to hop a train at least once in my life before I get too old to even jump up. I’m thinking about going to Des Moines, Iowa this fall, hopefully by freight....
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glad you decided to speak up! welcome to the party. if you really have your heart set on trains read the guide in train hopping. you dont need to be taught or put on a train lots of us did it ourselves. i would suggest you start in eugene instead of portland. take the bolt down there for like 10 bucks. hop on bus 52? i think to the maxwell street overpass and its the easiest hop in the u.s. jump on a double stack the ones that stop there will go to k falls prettiest ride in the us or you can walk a mile south along the tracks and catch one back to portland good luck sister

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