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Mr Cat

Sep 1, 2020
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New on the site, but not new to this way of life.

Been here and there, highs and lows, thin and thick like everybody else.
Traveled a lot, my backpack is older than some kids here.
After my last job
I've worked at a hospital in SF, worked at Hollywood and Vine for the worst slumlord in existence, (no need to mention names here), got married,
was the only non black person to reside at 25th st and MLK Way in Oakland (early 2000's), Help run the defunct BATCAVE bicycle library also in Oakland,
worked in Berkeley,, Jack London Square, then ended up moving to Humboldt (ex got accepted to HSU), had a kid, worked at Sun Valley Floral Farms and rebuild the house, for her and the kid.
We split, And I ended up next county, where I ran my own food business at the local farmers market, only fresh 100% local grow antibiotic free organic beef, pork, chicken, wild salmon and more.
At this point in time, the mom of my business partner asked me if I would like to live on her property( I was living at a somewhat commune) in exchange for work. I said "heckyeah"!
And a beautiful friendship of about 10 years flourished. I build by the code, a cabin with a half a bath, one bedroom for her son, rebuilt her well, re roofed the house, the shop, the storage units, all of this while living on a teepee.
Then the guy next door approached me and said that if I took down his barn,
I could have all the salvageable material from it. Heckyeah, once again.
Took that barn down by myself, (pictures will follow) and she told me to build something suitable for my projects (ooh, I have many) and to get out of that teepee.
So, it isn't technically squatting, she gave me permission to take down the unused chicken coop (too many bears and raccoons around, no game) to build the shop.
Which I did. ( if you want pictures, let me know) I ended up with a 50ft by 12ft across chicken coop, roof truces at 12ft from ground. big honker.
All build up from 2 x 6, 4 x 6 etc, reclaimed materials. And this is all constructed around the center piece, a gantry to lift a hull, called the blue gantry. ( You people know what a gantry is, right?!)
I designed that hull, but never got to build it.( Talking about other forms of travel... if you want to learn more about it let me know, don't want to bore people here)
Also did CCC, BLM, Volunteer FF and a lot of other odd jobs too. My chainsaw is precise and has a big bar, lol. Darn, I was at Camp and Carr in 2018. Wild, good, structural, blah...
I guess this is my introduction, I will keep my name to myself until I feel comfortable with the folks here.
Hope I am not boring, someone told me before that I kinda write like Cory Efram Doctorow and that she hated him.
Wish good conversations and lots of hints, tricks, tips and hacks to be shared.

Mr Cat
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!

Mr Cat

Sep 1, 2020
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Due to my speech impairment, early in life I knew I would never have a normal job.
Had to learn other skills. And I never had a normal job since.
It's alright thou.
By the way, work at a coffee shop ain't a normal job, lol..

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