Hello everyone! My name is Pat (1 Viewer)


Mar 29, 2020
Reno, NV
Hiii everyone! I hope all is well.

My name is Pat and I'm currently living at home in the Northern Nevada area. I was planning on moving to the PNW this summer but that's going to be delayed due to these trying times. I still plan on going there as soon as this all ends.

A year ago I started to become interested in forms of minimalist living like campers, tiny homes, yurts, etc. I'm anti-work and anti-capitalist and I DO NOT want to live in this system anymore. No more "daily grind", no debt, no rent or mortgages. As this pandemic situation continues to unfold I am beginning to learn more about the importance of community and solidarity.

My end goal is to start or become part of a collective house/intentional community and help others and myself become self sustaining, and drop out of the capitalist system as much as we can!
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Im in Winnemucca. I'm anti-work too, but why I can't stop working so hard WTF!!!!


Aug 10, 2015
San Antonio, Texas
great plan homie, it would be beautiful to see it come full circle. I'm in the northwest myself right now, i am van camping but i hope to learn some gardening skills when i get the chance.

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