Hello All !

May 15, 2018
Current Location
Columbus, ohio
Thank you Dumpsternavel , back atcha ! Sup Brianc503 ! Hey Minky , you requested I tell more and so......
Anton is an Ohio native . Ever since a child , adventure and travel have always fascinated him . Now in his mid 30's and tired of dealing with Ohio winters , Anton is setting up to head west come fall 2018. While doing research of the west coast and southern California , Anton discovered a place known as Slab City. After viewing several youtube videos he got hip to a SquatThePlanet web page and decided the people on there are " his kinda people " and so he joined.
Anton: " For fun I enjoying exploring places both urban and rural . Pictures and videos also have lately became a hobby again . Outdoor activities or simply just being out side brings me joy . I can easily find hidden adventure in doing just about anything from taking a walk to rafting down river to just sitting in the garden. I am a " greenthumb " and have been practicing gardening and hanging out with plants since around the year 2006 . There is much more and I could go on but will save the rest for when I meet any of you . Okay then have fun and take care ! :) "

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When you're going on another trip but for whatever reason you're not leaving for like a month, how do you pass the time while waiting?
Email notifications will be offline today while I move us over to a new email system.
Home for the winter, wageslaving, and already miserable.
Watched the whole lunar eclipse through binoculars, standing up. Fucking wow, but fucking oww (my back!) What an auburn beauty of a moon.
oak moth wrote on dumpster harpy's profile.
It’s fucked but we’re getting it from both the left and right these days; partly out of sheer contrarianism I’ve started learning a lot about my Jewish heritage in the past few years,& think if I go on the road again may plan on visiting different communities... Absolutely fuck skit and their full-on alt-right talking points.
Oh the pain! So much pain. Lol boo boo though.
Seven silver sidewinders serve succulent sushi!
Happy to join this fine community.
Taking time off from rural AZ, back in the city. Towed car, but cheap hostel room in LV. Oh well, will get to check out some car auctions soon.

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