Hello all! Intro from a El Paso,TX (1 Viewer)


Oct 24, 2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hey everyone,

I've been lurking around in the forums for some time now and figured it was about time to make an introduction post!

About Me
I'm JonTheNomad from El Paso! A beautifully shit border town in Texas that I can't help but love because of its shittiness. I just finished school last year and I'm taking a gap year doing some community projects and making some films. Currently in South America atm doing some hitchhikin but recently ive been working on an designing a community experience in Sao Paulo.

Other than that I enjoy playing and listening to music (love me some Mac demarco, Hank Williams, & some Argentine rock bands), making films (shorts, documentaries and what not), but love getting absorbed in a good book. Currently reading Walden and loving it

Future Plans!
So after I finish up in Brazil I'm heading back to Texas for a bit then going up to Alaska in time for Salmon Season to make some money choppin up fish guts. I don't know if anyone else here is doin the same or has done the same, but if so I'm curious about your experiences!

All the best

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Welcome. There's a great write-up on this site about working the fish factories. Just use the search bar for anything on your mind. ~ peace and The Search Bar is your friend!

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