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Hello, again. Here before, new account.


Feb 1, 2021
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NW Tn/Ky border
Hey there, all. Been here before under a different account, handle- Bandit. Cant for the life of me remember my password or seem to be able to recover it. So, I'm back under a new account.
Currently in Orlando, FL and wanting to bug out. I have been all over Fl and GA since October working on a 1099 contract. Still plenty of work to be had, but Ive become burnt out and need a change.
Have a vehicle, 04 Durango AWD, which is experiencing issues I dont have the means to deal with now. But id say i could get it another few hundred, maybe a thousand miles. Thinking about selling but im currently also living in it, and has my stuff mostly tools to carry around.
Been thinking about selling those too, but they could be handier and employable if I found the right place to be at.
Anyway, wanting to go west/north west far from the east and the South. Haha. Anyone know of any opportunistic places along that route? Anyone also trying to leave FL? I'm ready to get the hell out. Ive been to all the lower 48 and have criss crossed the country my whole life. Im 420 and natural friendly, drink seldom, am quitting smoking for the 4th time, and anything else well I just stay cautious about.
I'm mostly about defining my own freedom as I watch this life play out.
So any other aliens out there looking to travel give a shout!
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!

Crazy Hobo Johnny

Wise Sage
Jul 20, 2018
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Milwaukee Wisconsin
Welcome Back Roman Wilde!!!

Texas looks good right now, a lot of people moving there ask Matt Derrick. I've been thinking of relocating there. Been there so many times and have friends there. A lot of news that Texas will depart from the USA, (along other states) of course, that has to be voted in! I don't know how the members of StP feel about it. Me? I'm neutral on the subject.

Good luck and keep us updated! CHJ
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