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Seeking Ride Halifax to Toronto (or MTL?)

Aug 23, 2016
Current Location
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Departing from: Halifax
Destination: Toronto or Montreal
Departure Date range: June 6-10

About me:

Hey everyone! I've never posted on STP before but have been a member for a while. I'm looking to head back to the GTA from Halifax any time mid-late week next week. I am happy to share the driving (Ontario G with a clean record), pitch a bit for gas, the works.

I'm a recent university grad, studied journalism (don't worry, this isn't secretly for a story I'm writing). I'm a fan of jazz and rock mostly, though jazz-hip hop crossovers and ambient music is cool too! In terms of driving I enjoy getting there without too many stops, though if something's too good to pass up I could be persuaded. Sometimes I like just watching the world go by, unless I'm really into the conversation. So if you want somebody to talk your ear off, unless you find the right topic I might not be your guy.

I'm really into exploring new things, be them people, places or ideas. If I learn something new, I consider that day a success.

Anyways it's easy to ramble on about yourself. If you or somebody you know is heading this way next week, let me know!

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