Growing vegetables from vegetable scaps


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I have a 5 foot avocado tree growing in a bucket in my parlor. We dont even eat avocados here but my daughter watched some youtube video & got it to grow from a seed by suspending the seed with toothpicks in a cup of water. I am unsure how large it has to be to produce fruit but the trunk isnt that strong. Its warm enough for me to put it outside but I am worried about the wind, guess ill need to find a stake. She says you can do it with a pineapple too. I am a fisherman & some crab fisheries will snap 1 single claw & throw the whole crab back over to regenerate it & keep the biomass healthy.
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the problem with doing it this way is 90% of the time seeds started like this never bear fruit. The way it is done now to be sure of a harvest is a splicing of avocado trees. How this is done is, when a tree gets to where it isn't producing much they cut it down to a stump take a clipping from another that is a big producer and splice them together, how i know this is I saw it done in Cali.
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I do this with onion, celery and shit all the time. Lots of herbs are super easy to root in plain ol' water too. Grab a cutting while you're out, throw it in a glass when you get home or wherever. Wait a couple of weeks, stick it back in the ground. Boom, new food/medicine source.
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