Greetings from down under! Spoilt brat completely not ready for the unknown! (1 Viewer)


Sep 17, 2017
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2 Lawley Pl, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia
My name's Polyblank, A spoilt teen that's sick of the world as I know it.
so if that didn't catch your eye, perhaps this long-winded paragraph will.

I'm from Perth, aka one of the nicest and most liveable cities in the world (A little bit of bias there- but it is indeed quite high on most statistics). I've lived with my loving if manipulative parents for my whole life, but unfortunately they're extremely...Controlling. Having ADHD I've spent most of my life under a collar that's helped me with crutching myself through education. Well, uh, fuck that. I know the bizz- finish your general education, go to uni, all that jazz: But I really just can't do this anymore, ya know? I'm probably going to knock myself off before finishing, and the whole stereotype of running away is beginning to look pretty neat to me. Regardless, as much of a spoilt smartass I might be, I'm not stupid. I understand that going out and going from being dependant on those around you to the direct opposite is going to be extremely challenging, which is why I"m here. Educating myself is probably going to be the biggest challenge, as is coming to terms with the affect it will have on my family. They're a loving bunch but, y'know, I might kill myself if I have to keep going with trying to please them and obtain the bare minimum everyone else seems to be so flawlessly capable of. Who knows, I might not end up actually leaving. But it's not simply the escapism aspect- I genuinely want a free form life, and having a very innate sense of loathing towards not having freedom over my life, I'm ready to give up the luxurious and groomed lifestyle I have to probably being confronted by someone trying to rape me. I'm already planning provisions and have limited access to wealth.

Sorry for spewing my life story out here, But I thought that'd be the best way to start it off. Gotta know a li' bit about someone before you talk to them about something, and I think I need to explain my reasons, lest I get lumped with "Running-away-angsty-teen" types. I was female from birth but I've had operations to remove that. Call me whatever though, It's stupid that people get offended by someone assuming they're literally in one of the two categories 99% of people are.

Wowza, really showing off that ADHD Aren't I? Well enough self centered bouting about my own problems, nice to meet you lot! You seem much more experienced, and I'm going to go by the words "I want to learn". Hopeully my hat can grow a tree of knowledge.

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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Walla Walla, WA
ha, nice to see so many aussies on here these days! i can't wait to visit your country....

but welcome to the site! i heard there's a lot go squatting stuff going on in melbourne/sydney, we even have some re-posted articles about that in the featured threads section, so check that out. are you sticking to australia or coming out to the states?


Aug 29, 2017
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Spartanburg, South Carolina
My name's Polyblank, A spoilt teen that's sick of the world as I know it.
so if that didn't catch your eye, perhaps this long-winded paragraph will.

I'm from Perth, aka one of the nicest and most liveable cities in the world
Hello, Polyblank...I'm from the United States, but I went to Perth twice when I was in the US Navy way back in the early 1980's. Well, actually we ported in Freemantle. Perth and the surrounding areas is a beautiful place!!! I'd love to go back there! :D

Felix Rivers

Feb 11, 2015
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Balgowlah, Australia
Come to the rainbow gathering near nannup. Its on atm, started a week ago, about 20 people so far from what I've heard. Im with another group of 20 whove been making our way across the nullabor from the east coast and due to arrive at the gathering in two days. If youre looking to get out of the conventional way of life but dont know how to survive or whatever else the rainbow will be a good start I reckon. After 3 weeks a bunch of us will be doing farmwork togethor, travelling on a little more to the next rainbow in tassie in January and then probs more farmwork and endless adventure in between.

I might not have internet connection again before I get to the rainbiw where ill most definitly not have internet. So if you want to come look up the rainbiw family western australia on facebook, you'll be able to find out the location by asking around there (id tell you myself but im not certain of it yet so cant).

Hopefully see you there!


I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Mar 16, 2017
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Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
hey that sounds cool as fuck... kinda wasted your time on here kid just came to vent.

dont eat to many magic mushies or is that just in balingup?

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