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Green Scare this year?

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A zed

Sep 1, 2020
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The shoulder of the highway
@A zed can we get more details about green scare? i've never heard of it.
Its an anarchist book fair, I believe the first one was held 2 years ago in Minnesota with a focus on post-left, especially anti-civ theory, thus "green scare". I believe warzone distro was associated with it, I forget if they were THE organizers but I think they had a hand in setting it up at least. It was supposed to be held for the second time spring 2020 but covid hit and it got canceled. Here's a write up from anarchist news on the first one Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair Spring 2020 | anarchistnews.org - https://anarchistnews.org/content/green-scare-anarchist-bookfair-spring-2020

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