Glassblowing setup available in WA (1 Viewer)

Jan 7, 2017
Fuck Off Land
Hello, all.
I've been storing a basic glassblowing setup for the last 3.5 years, and I haven't been able to use it almost at all since I began travelling..
This entails a gently used GTT Lynx single flame torch, with a graphite attachment. Has two quick connect hoses for oxygen, and propane. A pair of glassblowing glasses (can't recall the exact shade), a couple rods of random glass color, and plenty of clear borosilicate glass tubing partially broken down for making blanks.
All of this stuff fits into a single tool box. I've calculated the monetary value at about $600. Though, I am open to trades, and willing to discuss.
You pick up.
Would be extremely convenient for any of you attending the 2020 jamboree!! For they are within the same state, and I will be in the neck of the woods to get it to you!

I'm most likely going to be on foot, so I would need someone with a vehicle to pick it up, for it weighs too much for me to pack around.
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!

Glass Roads

Jan 20, 2019
Pullman, WA
Hey what's up? I'm in the same state, going to the Jamboree, and wouldn't mind grabbing a little GTT to fuck around with tripple mix'es for a change. :)
I'll PM ya

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