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Apr 8, 2019
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Portland, Oregon
I'm currently getting ready to become a vagabond. I'm paying off debt, and switching to a month-to-month lease. Going to the gym to get fit. I don't know when I plan to start, either this Fall hitching/riding trains or next Spring by taking a cannery job in Alaska. I was all ready to leave this summer, but I just got promoted to a manager at my job, and I feel it would be burning a bridge not to stay in the position for at least 6 months to a year. Hello to everyone, this website is so interesting, and it's cool the kind of community that exists, and all the information availible to help a newbie get started.
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Apr 11, 2019
Current Location
South Dakota
Dude, you have a management position in a company with great benefits! I would recommend buying a home with that money in the next two years. Then you got a base to go back to. Just a thought from an old fuk haha :)


Kiwi Vagabond
Feb 2, 2019
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Very Top of the North Island, New Zealand
Welcome to StP! I agree with all the above replies, if I had the money and financial security, I'd definitely buy a piece of land with just a shed and the basics as a "base camp" as well as a possible asset for the future! But do what your heart desires! Stay in your job and save, go out and camp on weekends while your free, maybe try dumpster diving or something along those lines to get a taste of the lifestyle and a small break and monotony from an 8 till 5! Good Luck!

Juan Derlust

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Mar 6, 2017
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Here's a tip for all time: THE LESS YOU OWN, THE MORE YOU BECOME

addendum/corollary: don't burn any bridges!
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Apr 12, 2014
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Little Rock, United States
my worst idea for what I should do with my time and resources is always superior to the best ideas other people have for me

also my experience has been that traveling is 85% awesome and 15% horrible with not much in between. ymmv of course.

I went back into the workforce (ugh) after more than 6 years it'll be there main thing is keep the criminal record clean and keep your license if you have one

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