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Dec 8, 2016
Hey y'all,
I've been on this site on and off for a few years but haven't gotten around to creating an account until now. Felt like I may as well introduce myself and maybe make a few acquaintances before I start wandering in a couple months.
I'm 24, just moved from Buffalo to Seattle and I'm just about ready to get back on the road.
I've traveled lightly here and there since graduating high school, but never anything longer than a month or so. Recently I packed up and left New York to try things out on the west coast but the homebody life has been bumming me out and dragging me down. I thought a big change would settle my mind but after only a short time here I'm already itching to try out somewhere new,
Every time I've gotten on the road before I've let minor setbacks kill my drive and send me crawling back to my hometown.
The first was a shitty experience at a rainbow gathering, and the second was a shitty time in Nola.
I've had a few years of stagnation and I'm finally ready to get back to exploring.

My lease is up in February and I'm thinking about ducking out then.
I'm selling or getting rid of anything I cant carry on my back and seeing where I end up.
Going all in.
If anybody here is gonna be heading out around then I'm down to meet up. I'll probably post something in the road dog section around then too.
I'm thinking about hitchhiking or hopping south to wait out the rest of the cold months and then seeing where I end up.

So anyway, hey. Hows life?
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The Guay Agenda
Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
Awesome intro, welcome to the site!

I'm not surprised much by you having shitty Rainbow and NOLA experiences, it doesn't take much to make either of them crappy. Awesome to hear you're ready to get back out there though! Any idea of where you want to wait out the end of winter? South is a pretty good direction but there's a whole lot south of Seattle haha.


Dec 8, 2016
Yeah, shitty people tend to get me down.
But I've got a buddy headed from Texas to California right now. I'll probably be meeting up with him if he's around.
I've got no real plans at the moment. As long as I get moving I'll figure something out.
I've never really seen California so I'll be checking there out for a little while, maybe Mexico? Then probably Oregon when it gets warmer.
I'm feeling pretty vague, so as long as I'm not dead or freezing to death I'm gonna be happy.

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