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May 30, 2017
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Louisville Kentucky
Hitchhiking is fun and rewarding way of travel but you're going to need gear to hitchhike. So, I'm making a list for the new hitchhikers that wants to hitchhike, but has no idea what to pack. One more thing i need to express before i make this list. The gear i list is opinion based. Some gear may work for one person but not the other. It's all about what you feel comfortable with. I will go over everything and explain all equipment.

1.) Hiking Backpack: It's super important to have an backpack that will hold your gear and last. Some people swear by different brands.
Mollie 2
These are examples of good backpacks that can last. Remember that you will be throwing your bag on the ground in different conditions; Grass, rocks, concrete, in the back of trucks and cars. You'll also be wearing it lot so you're going to want strong and comfortable shoulder straps. Some people use big or small backpacks that really depends on how long you will be hitchhiking for. I use a 55L backpack no matter how long the trip is.

2.) Sleeping Bag: You're going to want a good sleeping bag that will keep you warm and that will last. You'll be cowboy camping with your sleeping bag sometimes. For me i bought at cheap sleeping bag that goes to 40F. You don't have to spend tons of money. But atleast check the material it's made from, you don't want cheaply made materials. As for envelope vs mummy, i choose envelope cause i can hide my valuable things in there.

3.) Hiking Boots: This one is huge! You're going to be walking a lot. You're going to want your boots to last. They don't have to be name brand (My opinion is that name brand falls apart easy. While cheap boots last.) You'll want them to be water proof and insulated for the winter.

4.) Summer Clothing: Flannel long sleeve shirt to avoid sun burns. Pair of pants, socks, bandanna and hat. Winter clothing: wool sock, glove's, long Johns, pants, long sleeve shirt, hoodie and heavy jacket, hat and bandanna. Remember this may not work for you so you have to experiment.

5.) Tarp, tent, bivy and hammick. The four big ones. You'll have to choose what you feel comfortable with. I use a tent and tarp just in case it rains for days or it snows and encase it gets super cold.

6.) Atlas: You have to know where you are at. Plus it's amazing using an atlas instead of your smart phone. You can buy one from wal-mart for like 7 dollars. You'll get all roads and states, but you'll get all wal-mart locations. You can pick up little maps from rest stops also.

7.) Marker: You'll need a marker to make a sign. It's important to get a huge one so it doesn't run out after one sign.

Okay, i have went through the main things you'll need while hitchhiking. Just remember to research what your buying and go through stP for different ideas and opinions. Just don't rely on one opinion.

Here is a list of other things you may need while hitchhiking.

Multi tool: For opening cans and fixing things.

Trash Bags: You never know what may happen you'll need a trash bag to hide a body. Just joking, you could use it for many different reasons. Keep your bag dry. Use it to lay on, just have to use your mind.

Flashlight: This ones pretty self explanatory.

Toilet paper: You will be able to use bathroom's most of the time. But when your in the country and have to doo the doo you'll be thankful.

Zip lock bags: Used to place stuff that can't get wet. Such as phones and toilet papper and phone charges.
Sun screen: Don't want to get sunburned miles and miles away from home.

This is some of the junk i carry:

Styx spoon

Bar of soap

Hygiene things

Camo Fannie pack





Pens and pencil

Sewing kit

First aid kit

Wal-mart bags


Bonnie hat

Milk jug of water

Snap coller for dogs to compress my tarp.


I can't think of anything else at this minute. But i will update this and others can with gear and ideas.
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May 30, 2017
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Louisville Kentucky
While I appreciate your intention I must call your attention to a couple of sticky threads in this sub-forum that already cover this very well:
Well i wanted to make one less confusing. It's super confusing for a first time hitchhiker cause they're having pre trip anxiety. Most of the gear i see is aimed towards train hoping in my opinion. Don't get me wrong they're more then useful. But my intentions was making a gear list just for hitchhiking. But my education level on writing and typing doesn't go past the 3rd grade and seems like a mess to me.


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Dec 15, 2013
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silver city, new mexico
Boots lead to trenchfoot, bad smells, and blisters, take forever to dry, and require socks to be cleaned regularly. Unless using them as a weapon or carrying a massive pack that requires ankle support over rough terrain I say leave them out. Sandals or watershoes with toes can help keep your feet from rotting if you stuff them with plants (many plants have some sort of bacterial or fungal inhibiting properties) instead of wearing socks. If going with tennis shoes/sneakers my #1 recommendation is get some that are breathable and DRY quickly. Avoid 'waterproof' and 'water resistant' models which take too long dry out after rain or creek crossings, and will cause shitgrowth and rot your feet if you dont have access to clean socks every day. Once you acquire this SHITROT it can take years for the smell to stop reappearing.

Id like to see @EphemeralStick comment about why they disagree with me sharing facts about what i have gone through to see if it is based on anything they have gone through or just a concept they believe.
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Felix Rivers

Feb 11, 2015
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Balgowlah, Australia
I just don't wear shoes. Stopped aboutb8 months ago and have hard soles now and will never have ti buy shoes again :) having said that I havnt tried to do this in the snow. Thats pribably a different story. I do carry some very light shoes with me sometimes though as bars, airplanes, ferries etc wont let me on without them >:|

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