Gear list- trying to downsize as much as I can, help? (1 Viewer)


Jan 1, 2011
Augusta GA, USA
My ways of wandering involve a lot of walking and being in the middle of nowhere for sometimes long times. I never really actively hitch just walk and if rides happen cool. Trains freak me out despite how bad I wanna do that, anyways,
Big three
-Astral Cruiser, Camp trails external frame pack
-A pretty nice Down marmot sleeping bag my sister gave me
-Tarp and Hammock
(should I bother with a sleep mat? wondering if a bag liner will do the job for those cold nights)
All the other shit
-about 40 feet of 550 cord for doin weird shit with the tarp plus ya know, rope.
-a few tent stakes incase the sticks aren't what I need
-Small folding pocket knife (the knife on my multitool is basically gone)
-couple of lighters
-small aluminum cooking pot
-primus campstove and fuel (love me some hot tea in the mornings)
-small fork/spoon thing
-Sawyer squeeze mini (not sure how often that'll be used but it weighs nothing)
-usually enough tortillas and random bullshit to put in em for about 2 days
-water canteen that straps to my hip
-(thinking about a water bladder for those long ass highway walks)
-Military thermals (jacket and longjohns)
-warm hat
-camp towel
-two pairs marino wool socks (one to hike with, the other for dry warm feet at night or warm hands durning day)
-pile o' socks
-extra pair of pants
-two extra shirt
-two extra underwear
-a dress shirt for some reason? I just got a feeling about it, sometimes looking half decent couldn't hurt right?
- a few pages from a road atlas
-compass/whistle/thermometer/magnifying glass thing
-pocket notebook and pens
-some trash bags
-ziplock baggies
-baking soda
-tiny tooth brush
-shitty camera
-burner phone
-travel guitar that fits in a trash bag and straps to my pack
-My walking stick.
-duct tape on my walking stick
-blister care first aid thing with sewing supplies in a medicine bottle
-as much as I don't want to take it with me, a heavy ass leather bomber jacket because it's the only jacket I own and I can't fucking find another one.
-tin of tobacco and a pipe
-wet ones and shit tickets
uhh yeah I think thats about it. What should I toss, what should I add, its been a long time.
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The dress shirt if you arent wearing it. just Hijack another one from a Goodwill in the next town. Goodwill is not a charity and has a lot of questionable business practices. I raid it at will. Or ask the charitable thrift store if you can have a nice shirt to look for a job.


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Its a pretty smart gear list though. Made me think about what I need and I don't.

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ide lose the tent stakes, maybe one shirt and one of the extra underpants. most of yer shit is pretty small i doubt yer pack weighs over 30-35 pounds not counting yer guitar. lose the canteen unless its the only thing you can boil things in, and yea get a water bladder (im on the fence about these for me they are a pain to not get moldy, maybe im just a filthy slob) or gallon arizona tea container they are tough as nails. you could lose some pounds by not bringing the bomber jacket depending on what area you are with the military thermals it may not be needed.

edit: i just looked up yer pack now and can see why you may be having some issues, thats a pretty small pack unless im looking at something different then that you have, ive found the trick with most external frame packs especially the older designed ones is to make use of all the open space at the bottom/top for things like sleeping bags/tarp/ and by keeping stuff like yer bivvy/hammock/socks in the side pockets it makes it easier to keep stuff organized. fill the side pockets first itll be easier to zip em up then after the main compartment is full.
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You sound like me. I still hitch though. But am getting towards strictly walking. Gonna try a uniwheeled cart my dad used for deer hunting, when I get out west. But no ,tent stakes are a big thing for a good well made shelter and wind can still rip them out of the ground. I like having a few water options. I carry a good pump filter, and two platypus and a nalgene. my dog packs the small bladder.
Dec 30, 2016
Amherst Nova Scotia
I like to kick it 90s style, rock the fanny pack. Each morning I put what I will need during the day(granola bars, tobacco, papers, weed, candy, cash, etc) in my fanny pack, so I don't have to dig through my pack on the side of the rd or in a car.

Rob Nothing

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Aug 26, 2012
171 Market St, Newark, NJ 07102, USA
Kind of a cross that bridge when you get there activity.. you won't part with what youre going to part with until you have to.
If you're having trouble making it all fit I'd agree with cch and say rethink / lose some of the clothing. And maybe that cook stove.. theres fire starting tools for cheap.. lot less weight too.

For cold weather a sleeping mat is absolutely essential. A real fatty is best.. thicker the better.
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Jul 21, 2009
Everywhere, No where
Clothing is often the first thing I dump, because they are easily replaced.

But the cooking stuff could prolly be dumped. Pans and stoves can be improvised out of many things.

I used to travel with a mat. Now, I just use cardboard, or build a bed out of dry leaves and loose branches.

I guess anything that can be improvised, replaced easily, then anything you have but never use can go.


Dec 29, 2013
If you really need to downsize these are what I don't think are necessary not saying you should get rid of all these but you could do some.

You could take like 20ft of rope and still have plenty.
No tent stakes
No cooking pot
No stove + fuel
wear the military jacket or leave it
no towel unless it tiny.
no dress shirt
rip a few pages out the notebooke.
no sandals unless you wear them all the time
no pack cover use a trashbag or your poncho
no travel guitar


Aug 6, 2014
Cheyenne WY
Im going through the same battle myself.Thinking I may strip down to the smallest amount of gear possible.sleeping bag,bivy,coat,some food and esbit stove and 16oz pot.Then build from there.


Guardian of the Knowledge of the Wastes
Dec 12, 2013
Slab City, CA
...or gallon arizona tea container they are tough as nails...

I second this. I still carry one, and I usually have to replace it about every 4-6 months. One of the ones I had lasted over 4 months, including throwing it off a moving train 5+ times.

Pretty much the only way they'll fail is if they've become too weathered and split, or if you drop 'em DIRECTLY FLAT upside-down onto the lid.


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I travel on bike and I've let go of lots of stuff. I keep
1 extra shirt
1 shorts
2 pair of socks
1 tent
1 sleeping bag
1 metal cup with lid
Small cook stove
2 disaster blankets
1 tarp
1 cook pot
Food, water, lighter, hygiene

And to be honest the pot and tarp I don't use. Canned food can be heated in the can or eaten cold. Clothing is easily replaced and it takes up too much space. Even the cook stove I could do without.

Food and bedding is really all you need. If you select your groceries properly, you don't need to cook or carry pots and pans. If I have a camp set up for any length of time, I'll snag a pot from Goodwill for like 3 bucks.


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