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May 13, 2010
As I mentioned in the feed earlier, I have transferred the Houseless Not Homeless Project website to a new webhost. The URL will be the same, but it will just be on a new server. Hopefully one that everyone can access.

Anyway, the server I moved it too is a place called and they give you a Free Domain name registration, or a transfer if you already have one, plus the space for it to live, for free for one year.

So, if you've ever wanted to have your own .com, .org. or whatever now is the time to try it out for a year to see if it works.

By clicking this link
you will not only get the normal free package that they offer to anyone, but you and I both will receive an additional 3GB for using this referral link. That is 18GB instead of the 15 that those who sign up normally get.

If you need more space later on you can always purchase more at discounted rate at any time.

I hope this information helps someone out there in squatter land who is looking for a way to get their message on line.

I also hope to be able to add some new URLs to my website, so if you do create a domain there, I would love to have your URL for my site.
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Jan 19, 2015
On my phone, don't want to get spend a lot of time going through the website atm. Do you need a cc# to register?


Jan 28, 2015
For those that have done/are doing it, does it come with any storage space at all? Or just the registration?

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