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Mar 8, 2015
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farmville, NC
If you're not opposed to buying from wallyworld they have recently added several ozark trail knives for $3.87. I picked one up for a gift and got one for myself. I got the model 4028 "Tan flip opening knife" which features a 3" stainless steel blade and a 4" tan G10 handle. I chose this one because it's got a nice shaped blade that is not serrated. They had three other models which didn't really appeal to me as much, this one just looked like better quality. The blade doesn't come razor sharp out of the box but it's not bad, certainly serviceable. The blade is tight when locked without any wobble. Despite being called a flip opening knife the blade can't really be opened all the way with the flipper alone,but opens nice with the thumb stud. The handles have a nice texture. Overall, for $4 it's pretty decent. It's something you could carry without feeling too bad if it gets lost.
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Sep 23, 2009
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i think "The blade is tight when "fully extended" (rather than "locked") without any wobble would be more accurate, since the blades don't actually lock.,.. but for $4, hell yeah, they are a great piece of Chinese debt infliction..

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Dec 26, 2010
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I have one of those as well. It's actually really decent, everything you've said is fitting. One thing that's kind of a drag is the edge of the handle/grip. You can run a dremel grinding stone along it for just a real fast pass to take that edge down though, or hand sand it. Definitely a knife I wouldn't fuss over for long if I lost it, I think that's an important factor for me.. I've lost enough knives to know I don't want to spend hundreds, or thousands...


Mar 8, 2015
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farmville, NC
I agree with you about the handle. I took a file and beveled all the edges close to 45 degrees which was a huge improvement.
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