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Kate Westcoast

May 11, 2012
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Rossland, BC

As you know cycling is hungry work and it is a constant battle to keep your energy levels up. I can sometimes eat my couscous/beans/corn and be HUNGRIER afterwards. It's ridiculous. My neighbor in golden gate park was a vet bicycle cowboy and he told me if i started to fly a sign like the one about people would leave me their leftovers on my bicycle. So i tried it out, and while i was coasting down the west coast on highway 1 i had cars pull over waving me to stop to give me an apple, even a handful of granola, but these boys up here gave me shit tons of oatmeal, ramen noodles, and granola bars, enough that i had to take the sign down because i could not carry any more food. Just thought I'd share. This is the first sign i've ever 'flew' and i figure its kinda like skipping a step, making your bicycle the trashcan instead of digging in the trashcan for peoples leftovers. lol
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