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Dec 6, 2014
North Rim, AZ
I am working at a farm in Minnesota this summer and I thought it'd be a good idea to travel somewhere new after I start working there. I was planning on taking a greyhound from Minnesota to Portland or somewhere in California but I may see if I can get a ride from a bigger city like Sioux Falls or Omaha. I know what to bring but I would like some advice on what kind of mindset I should have and what I should expect. I've never travelled alone and I think it's time I do that. The one thing I'm a little concerned with is someone bothering me if they see me sleeping in the woods. I know not to sleep on private property and to stay far from the road but I guess I just stress about it a little. Have you ever been bothered at your camping spot before? Also what are some ways I can prepare while I'm still at home besides sleeping outside and scavenging for food? Thank you so much for your advice

EDIT: I watched a video on stealth camping tips and it said to camp in places that are not on private property, and to look out for no trespassing signs. If I find a big wooded area far from human sight with no signs in sight but not a designated camping area would it be safe to camp there? I guess I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing.
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Juan Derlust

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Mar 6, 2017
Stealth/low-profile is your default m/o til you can survey your surroundings; blend in as best you can in populated areas. Scour these forums for similar situations & locations; make thoughtful inquiries - most people are glad to help, spirit of cooperation and all that. As far as mindset, an open mind will help you tap into unknown resources - within reason. Meaning: try to keep your wits - at the watering-hole of life, drunks, fools, active addicts, reprobates, and other miscreants make the most vulnerable targets. The best 'attitude adjustment' comes from within... You're bound to learn the force of all those 'Fools rush in/Trust in haste' clichés. You're in a unique position - it's good to develop and stick to some kind of code or routine that's going to foster good will with everyone you meet. For lack of a better way to phrase it, decency pays dividends - though often not quite how we expect or intend.
A long time ago, in the middle of the night, two travellers walked through our campsite, literally stumbling over our sleeping bags - I was camped out in the open, near a river with my biological brother; a few minutes later, we heard gunfire from the direction they'd gone. I don't know if they were drunk or fucking around, but we cleared out in a hurry. This was in northern California, when marijuana cultivation was CONSIDERABLY less 'legal'.
Anyway, the more thoughtful and considerate you are conducting yourself (in ALL endeavors), the less likely you'll run into hassles. Whatever hardship(s?) you encounter will teach you whatever you need to know with more timeliness and precision than anyone outside your situation.
Here's where I give my NO GUARANTEES disclaimer...
Lastly, you're the best judge of your own progress - report back whatever information you have to share. Best of luck (but try not to rely too heavily on luck alone)!
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