Finally coming back to StP, this time with a War Box! (1 Viewer)


Apr 5, 2012
Hi everyone! Decided to become active on here once again, I missed all you dirty fucks. =P Bought a bread truck at auction almost 2 years ago and been building it out and living it it since, I can post interior pics if people want. It has been christened the War Box, I might get custom plates next time if I have the extra like $40. I have an absurd abount of solar panels on top and batteries to go with, even though half are dead (don't buy batteries on craigslist, y'all!!!) Fridge, water and greyater tanks, composting toilet, queen size bed, badass stereo system, etc. Definitely a work in progress, but feel free to ask me questions abut stuff! I just replaced the cylinder heads and still getting the tuning done right after that.

warbox-jpg.49743_Finally coming back to StP, this time with a War Box!_Van Dwelling / Rubber Tramping_Squat the Planet_11:57 AM

I wish this was better quality, i'll take pix with my actual camera next time instead of my deadass zombie mobile.
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Feb 9, 2010
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Cleveland, OH
Welcome back and sweet ride. Are you going to be traveling in it or just living in a specific area.


Apr 5, 2012
Thanks friends! Definitely travelling, In Tehachapi right now helping a friend with his permaculture project, gonna build some biogas digesters! (in goes poop and compost, out comes natural gas!)

It's a 1985 Grumman Kurbmaster, all aluminium body so no rust to worry about! 4 speed manual transmission that I had to swap out in the middle of the woods, that was fun. I have 18" of living space, definitely more than enough for my lil adventure cat and I.


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Oct 16, 2015
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that is amazing, great choice with the bread truck!!

if i make it back to Cali someday soon, I would love to shit in a hole for your permaculture project

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