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Ditzy Doo

Feb 14, 2019
Backwater, Equestria
I am someone coming from an issue-riddled past. A gender dysphoric with a manipulative family. One which would rather keep kin-molestation secret; to protect the family. All abuses were ordered kept secret. I don't even quite know if it was all for protecting this family unit. At least, it came last to those abused and those who abused from remembering it. Which is awfully selfish as far as I am concerned. But- I digress. I wanted to give justification for why I am even considering these things. Why I am to get away from this. A household in which love is contained; but said love is toxic.

I was on the edge of going vagabound just last night. I spoke with a friend about the matter. Before eventually calming down and settling down. I need a plan and knowledge. So, here I am. I want to understand what I need to understand; to decide if the life of travel is my own. I have already read of train hopping & looked into resources online otherwise. It oddly seems good & attractive.

I know it is odd for someone like me to say; I've always been an indoors person. Confining myself to seclusion inside wooden walls. As a way to escape the toxic realities both inside and out. None-the-least; I've been raised from a young age to understand that homelessness is parasitic. That it is not only socially negative sum; but it is also personally negative sum.

However... I come back to how it seems attractive. I've always endured being oppressed into non-personhood. Being told that my personhood is invalid or feeling invalidated in that. The lifestyle that the vagabound offers is enticing. Rugged independence from all forces which once made me feel weak; the forces that once made me feel worthless.

So, consider me another sister on the great road. I pray that things will be good in the weeks, days, and months to come. For all of you and myself.
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