EcoVillage in Saint Louis, Missouri -- open to all who wander


Sep 26, 2015
Current Location
St Louis
Hello all :) I'm Jazz and part of the village in Saint Louis, Missouri. Just wanted to introduce myself and what we do. If passing thru and need to crash, bite to eat, or something fun to get involved with - stop on by!

Join us every Friday for Food Share starting at 2:30pm! The village is open to everyone
We aim to provide a safe place for activists, train hoppers, dirty kids, rainbow family or a street musicians needing space to crash. Community spaces open everyday - wash/dry. shower, school room, kitchen, free library, free clothing closet, Art & Craft & sewing room, Food Pantry, Library, community Garden, Coloring & Puzzle stations, Workshop & meeting space also available!
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Jan 7, 2017
Current Location
Fuck Off Land
Appreciate the extended offer. I avoided st. louis last time I went through Illinoise-specifically because I didn't know the city at all, or any relatively safe spaces to check out. The next time I come through, I'll try and stop by*

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