E. C. Storm stories? (1 Viewer)


Aug 15, 2011
I'd like to hear about anyone's experience with this storm on the east coast. I'm sitting up here in New Hampshire looking at all the places i've been before and wondering whats really going on down there. NYC is getting it right now. I love the chaos of it all. Don't want no one to get hurt or their shit messed up, though. Let me know if anyone's going through it.
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Apr 20, 2007
eastern shore of Maryland
i'm in MD ......it was pretty nuts outside late last nite and even at 5 this morning apparently there was a few tornadoes not to far from here ... lots of branches down....garden flattened.... still windy as shit out....no death, destruction, mayhem, or looting though


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Aug 22, 2009
the roads of america
ive always wondered what happens to travelers in the area of storms. the media talks about so and so and so and so who died..... but really i wanna know about what the alternative travelers are caught in... u know?


Aug 15, 2009
The Pine Barrens of New Jersey
I live on the jersey shore. like 15 mins away from long beach island. Went west for the storm after helping my wifes family with the house. Went to the moutins in PA to wait it out. Dident even loose power here. There was a tornado pretty close to here though. Went to check on my camp..... Too fucking flooded to go back there and drink.... Got my feet good and wet tryin to make my way back there though.

Found a cool forest and some bear poo. And this really bad ass town in the middle of no where

storms suck.......


Mar 13, 2011
the desert
here in w. mass it just rained for about 36 hours straight. there was some serious wind, a tree fell on the property and a bunch of the garden got wrecked, and a lot of roads are closed around here due to downed trees and/or flooding. tomorrow is actually supposed to be the cresting of the CT river in this area, because of all the rain that fell on VT.

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Just found out my neighbor died. One day I'm helping him change his starter, the next he's gone. Just walked around inside his house. That would be the first time I have smelled death. The eeriest though was that the UPS guy still left him a package. PS He was a big John Wayne fan!! RIP Rick!
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Committed phone memory to two of these guys albums just last night, after not listening to them for years. Found out today that one of em died just two days prior.
They fathered ebm in 1981 -the same genre of industrial that NIN brought to the mainstream over 10 years later.

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Welp after a alomst a decade of various travels I finally got settled for good in Cincy....two months later this shit happens an myself an all my friends r unemployed...I got April bills payed but if my work doesn't reopen by may...I'll cya kids on the road again.. apocalypticmaybe who knows, be safe my traveling family. Cya soon potentially

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