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Cornelius Vango

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Sep 25, 2015
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Slab City, Ca
So last time I was at the library at New year's, there was a no dog rule. Is that still in place? @Cornelius Vango will travelers with pups be a problem? I know some people have vehicles and whatnot but some don't. Will leashes be okay?

I'll say that we can be okay with dogs on leashes as long as they don't become a problem. Like sometimes people will be standing there with the dog on a leash, but they're not paying attention while the dog is peeing on things or getting into shit. If they are a problem at all, I'm gonna ask you to leave them at camp or tied up under a nearby shade tree while you're in the library.


Wise Sage
Jan 7, 2017
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Right on, I'm glad to hear of this. Heya, @Cornelius Vango , as you know- I have one aggro pooch.. But, due to your wondrous advice last time I was at the library, I've obtained a really awesome muzzle for long-term endeavors. Meeks has been making a lot of progress. She's staying with me and another dog off leash at the moment, has been for a few days. This has been able to happen a hand-full of times now. I'd really like to make it to the Jambo, and I no longer have a car. How would you feel if I brought her along with me, leashed, and muzzled and tried to see how things could work? I believe in it. This situation would also keep me from becoming overly intoxicated, and what not. I just want to be respectful of your space, and to others with their animals who will be there by asking permission, and making this known.

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I'm not-so-secretly wondering who's at the hermit hut currently... I could see in theory, if it were to be empty, and if Cornelius and Caveman were perfectly okay with it, having a lil' doggy daycare type thing. Like there'd obviously have to be someone watching the dogs, and dog-aggressive dogs would obviously be a no-go. But it's an idea. Or Hell, some enterprising vandweller could charge money to watch doggos and keep them cool and cared for.

Just ideas. I know I wouldn't personally trust my dog with a stranger but I'm not a terribly trusting person to begin with so meh.


The Guay Agenda
Aug 20, 2010
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New Orleans
@Geraldo That sounds like a great idea in theory however I don't think it's a good idea in practice. If something were to happen to one of the dogs in daycare could you imagine the blowout?

Owners are extremely protective over their pups, hell I've seen a guy tackle and beat the crap out of another guy for accidently stepping on his dogs tail. It makes sense when you think of the connection ya'll have with your furry friends.

Now I'm not saying that whoever is in charge of this purely hypothetical doggie daycare wouldn't be doing a good job. I just think of the absolute worse outcome and it sounds disastrous.

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That's why I put it all in a hypothetical idea. Because I can absolutely imagine the fallout of a fuckup. I can also imagine someone with an agro dog not telling anyone that it's agro and then, boom. Dog fight.


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Woof woof give me your books woof woof woof . Boxcar

That's why I put it all in a hypothetical idea. Because I can absolutely imagine the fallout of a fuckup. I can also imagine someone with an agro dog not telling anyone that it's agro and then, boom. Dog fight.


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