Dealing with STD/STI's on the road


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Oct 12, 2017
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San Diego, CA
I dunno much more outside of CA and rural NC or MO but out west here we have a great public health department. Plus getting on Medi-Cal (& stamps) is super easy. Atm, I'm dealing with an odd irritation around my mouth and nasal passages but once I'm able to schedule an appt, I gotta figure this out!! May be herpes - i was hella promiscuous in my teens, 20s & 30s... So i fukn hope not but does anyone have herbal remedies for STD/STI's? I guess a Google search is the wprth the time but just postimg here for shits & giggles.

Also NC gave me free meds when I was stranded in GSO 4 years ago. MO is a tough beast- completely diff animal. They're not too likely to help anyone succeed in getting MOHealthNet. It took me a year to get through the red tape & bureaucratic bullshit.

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