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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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I've made a slight change to the ride board area today; from now on users will be required to fill in their starting point and destination to create a new thread:

screenshot-squattheplanet-com-2018-08-27-05-37-06-png.45187_Custom fields for ride board area_Website News & Announcements_Squat the Planet_5:43 AM

this data will appear at the top of the first post in that thread:

screenshot-squattheplanet-com-2018-08-27-05-34-18-png.45188_Custom fields for ride board area_Website News & Announcements_Squat the Planet_5:43 AM

This should make it a little more clear where members are trying to get to and from, and force those to state things they might forget, like where they are currently at :)

this is part of the 'custom fields' feature of our forum software. i'm looking forward to bringing more custom fields to various parts of the forum in the near future.

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