Crouching mountain lion, hidden bear (1 Viewer)

Mar 24, 2020
I have been train hopping, and walking for several months. I have walked hundreds of miles across no mans land, nearly froze, and starved; I’ve almost froze twice and it was my my fault. On one occasion i jumped into a river at 2am because I DID HEAR A MASSIVE ANIMAL cross the river and settle several away from me in the thick vegetation. I was puffing gas about to fall asleep when my spider senses and weed paranoia almost killed me. I swam 30-40 ft got out and reliezed I was dead if I didn’t retrieve my sleeping bag and get naked in it. I grew a pair and got my gear and I assume the animal ran off once I slashed in the water cause there was silence. A few days ago I was in the middle of Wyoming (still am) and was at an abandoned house (dilapidated so I was in a shed out back) about 30 miles out of Scott’sbluff when a mountain cat let out a moan no more than 20-80ft from me. I now have an rational fear of the Rocky Mountain range and will not be sleeping under the stars all alone many miles from civilization anymore. I have bear mace and am trained with a knife but God’s beasts are mighty and demand force greater than I can output.

As a side note I have achieved the primitive sleep schedule, natural smell, and have developed the instincts of a savage. I HAVNT talked to a man or woman besides at a store or hitching

for months. I’m lean and mean, can walk 25-32 miles daily with a 30lbs pack not including foot or water. I talk to birds, cows, and will stop and pet horses at every chance I get. One day I reliesed I wasn’t lonely anymore, that thought truly scared me and I am seeking a partner now. All this is documented on my IG Travelingman1999
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