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Feb 25, 2019
That's cool, Dameon won't even need to do many edits or warnings, he can just argue us to death. ⚰⛏🔪💣🔫🧨

Eng JR Lupo RV323

Increasingly aggressive bro
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Dec 26, 2010
530 Rackerby, California
I Love this series. Break your gun on a stump!

It inspired me to watch the actual movie, no regrets.

I wanna busk it, it's so catchy. Anyone that knows the song surely they'd kick down serious guap!


Mastering the Art of Houselessness
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Dec 12, 2014
Northern Arizona
Oh hell ya. You busk that in Eugene or like, denver or something and I bet someone would recognize it and drop you some serious cash.

The most money I have ever got while busking was someone dropping me $100 just because they recognized Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow's 'Picture', and asked me to play it again.

Such a weird fucking song to get money from.

But ya...."Step on his foot, OUCH! Guy on a Buffa-LOOOOO!"


Dec 11, 2016
Cibola Arizona... Cibola National Wildlife preserv
Hey folks, just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we've added @Coywolf and @Dameon to the moderator staff. Huge thanks to these two for taking up the mantle to help us out here!
Would you like to meet coywolf sometime in my travels. Enjoy reading everything he has written, even though some I philosophically disagree with. He is a good choice....."it's a beautiful day in the Arizona desert!"

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The sherrifs just came to my squat to ask who said I could stay here. They took down my story and went back where they came from and I'm still here. That was the first time I had to have that conversation with the law man and I came out on top. Booya!
One and a Half Months and Im finally back on the road!!
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Riding my bike this morning
Currently near Tulsa volunteering at a nearby lake. Will be heading West at the end of Feb. Looking for traveliing companion to rubber tramp with me. Must like cats because I have two. I'm open to the universe and love wilderness camping.
checkd out a fundraiser to keep a detention center from being built n pacoima last night. shit was epic! punk show, tacos, fights, graffitti, n skateboarding. life rules sometimes.
Yay the status updates are back again! 4 months of sitting on my ass doing nothing is finally turning it computer, sewing and art projects. While I trying to build a motorized bike. #Texas
Advice for dealing with lonely on the road?
Fuck yeah, Tucson. Hello, 18 rack of pabst.

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