Covid hitchhiking: what's it like now??? (1 Viewer)

Mar 6, 2019
Bloomington, IN
So, I know this question was posted back in March, but I wonder what it's like now that we're in August? I was stuck in Honduras when all the shit went down back in March. I got back to the U.S. in May and I am still figuring out what post-covid U.S. really looks like... I've been stuck in charming Indiana ever since I got back, so my 2 questions are (1) What does it look like out west? And (2) What is it like hitchhiking these days and traveling in general? Also, extra credit if you can answer a 3rd question: Are there any, like, rainbow gatherings still happening? Not that I would go and spread my cooties around, but I'm just curious. I have no idea what to make of all this.
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Oct 6, 2018
NW Montana
You came back to the states?

Cover your face, don’t touch your face, and stay safe.

1) hot Smokey and full of pandemic

3) don’t hang out in a large crowd.

i know this isnt exactly what you wanna hear. Summer time in the northern Rockies are still fun, just be cautious/safe.
Jan 28, 2008
The woods
I haven't been off the farm much in 6 months but I know that Rainbow is still kinda happening. Nationals was about 3-500 people I've been told and dramatic as fuck (as is tradition). Apparently lots of people are also posted up on properties in NM, TX and TN. Everyone I know from the event industry is sitting around loosing their minds. Seems like people keep trying to put on events then cancel them at the last minute.

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