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whoa... I can honestly state that I have never read anything like this in my entire life, it actually got my head spinning and took a day or two to fully digest, if even possible....

I will say this - some one punches my dog, that person is going to the hospital because I ain't letting that slide, and I could care less who did it.

Also - I grew up in NYC, turned 18 in 1983.... and yes, before you ask in my search for truth I explored every scene there was, including what was going on south of 14th street on the West Side....
I have many friends over many years of every single kind of race, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, you name it - but this is just plain nuts.

Also - I work with someone from the factory who is transgender [I hope I am doing this right] who in her mid 40s decided that she was done being a man and wanted to be a woman.

This is very easy for me to completely accept and never mess up with the new pronouns of she, her, etc.... because that's the only way I know this individual.

But for many who knew her prior to making the change, every now and then they slip up because it's a habit when your friends for a long time, and I don't care what anybody says but when a person makes a change like this - yes, it's a big deal for them - but it is also a big deal for all who knew this person because now they have to change their whole approach with getting the pronouns right, etc.... and if a person is friends with you or is a family member and sincerely makes a mistake and slips up, it should not be the end of the world and if it is then there's something even deeper going on that needs to be addressed.

I loved how open NYC was in the early 1980s, nobody was hiding anything - but at the same time everyone was getting along with one another because it was not being forced upon each other.

Some of what I am reading here is frightening, but then again, this is also a generational thing.

Folks like me and Olderthandirt see things one way, while the younger folks see it totally different.

This does not mean we are not all accepting, quite the contrary... a lot of us older folks are quite accepting, but we are also more understanding, forgiving than you might think but I sure as hell am not so hung up on all these new terms, which only cause seperation instead of unity here.

We are all human beings, all capable of love and great acts of compassion and heroic deeds, but at the same time we are also capable of horrible things as we all know all to well....

I was going somewhere but I can't even think straight this thread is so crazy, but at the same time I do feel is recommended reading.

It's also a valuable lesson on the evils of alcohol addiction, which seems to be a huge factor here.

I know when I was out of my mind back in 2010, I lost alot of very close friends though my own actions.
The thing is - I know today that I was wrong, and more importantly why.

Will I be able to ever salvage those lost relationships with people I deeply cared about and vice versa ??

I can't say, but I'm at least going to give it a try.

It just seems to me that this whole thread is about a simple misunderstanding made worse by alcohol abuse.

I could be wrong, but I could be right.............
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Sep 21, 2007
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I think this thread might also be a classic textbook libel lawsuit, it's ok to point out rapists or possible escaped criminals, nicknamed drifters, but I think even super unkempt homeless people have the right to sue if they're lumped in for just being kind of a a-hole sometimes supposedly 'a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation. Character assassination.'

I won't waste my time getting into the technical reasons why your threat of legal action is lame.

Also, what's with all the legal threats lately? Does anyone else think it's a little bizarre and uninspired?

People come into online forum. They make fools of themselves. People observe and establish that behavior was foolish. There's some bickering back and forth. More foolish behavior. Solution!? Lawsuit! What exactly do you want? Money? An ego hand job?

P.S. I got bored and looked at the Youtube. Most recent video was titled Slab City Library Is Shady And Untrustworthy. Who just wears their insecurities on their sleeves like that? It's quite unbecoming.

This person is either a troll or Slab City needs to learn a lesson in moving on. Probably both.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
I have slab city on my bucket list.
But if this corn person is still present there
I won’t be visiting anytime soon 😕

to be fair, even after this i'll still come back to slab city, i don't think the whole area and everyone there should be held liable for one person's actions. there's been a lot crazier people than corn for sure there and it's still worth visiting.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
Just curious what you're referring to here... 🤔

if you're worried it has something to do with you, it doesn't.

... Less of a mudslinging fest and more of a case of people finally coming forward after corn betrayed one of their last defenders...

pretty much exactly what i said. i defended corn against most of their detractors for a very long time, and when they finally blew me off there was no one left to stop the torrent of people willing to share their stories about corn's very long pattern of negative behavior towards just about everyone.


Aug 30, 2021
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Santa Fe
I could never tell anyone what possessed me to check into this place after all these years... What has it been, 5 or 6 now? Good Lord it's been a long time since this place ever even crossed my mind...

But I tell ya, it's rather satisfying tonight checking in and feeling some sweet sweet vindication over the rightful calling out of this self-flagellating character assassin of an illiterate librarian. I just had to register an account to throw some shade because some people just had it coming.

Reputation is a funny thing, especially in circles of people fueled by impulse, vanity, hearsay and alcohol. I'm glad it caught up with you Corn. I was never a fan. You were as unimpressive as they come, another self important bitch that thought all the kickdowns in the world were given to you because you were wonderful, that you deserved them, not because every yuppie could see the pitiable wretch you are and felt bad.

I'm sure you weren't a fan of me either. I was never particularly impressive myself, and I can own that I was a far cry from perfect, and I definitely shouldn't have drank like I did because I'd fly off the handle - but the difference between you and me is that I can own the times I was shitty, and the source of that shiftiness, and use it as a drive to improve.

And we butted heads, several times over the years, and were magnificently shitty to each other. Fuckit. Bygones be bygones. You haven't crossed my mind in the slightest, until that one night many years later at the skate park where you showed up black out drunk and almost blinded some poor kid with a laser pointer, like the idiot buried beneath for which your faux confidence runs interference. Maybe it wasn't drunken stupidity. You're the kind of malicious I've come to believe who would do it intentionally and play stupid. That's the kind of behavior I've come to expect from a shit show like you. "Oh, it's cool dude. Sorry I wiped out your vision brah and mutilated your senses for the rest of your life. I'm Cornelius lol kiss my ass." Fuck you.

Whatever, I'm not here to reminisce. I'm here to condemn.

You just obfuscate, throw your weight around like living in a scavenger trash hovel in the desert made you better than everyone else, like the peons owed you tribute to exist in your company, expecting people to cater to you and kiss your ass because you moved into an abandoned lair of books and that somehow made you special.

And now that your holier than thou attitude has bit you in the ass and people are calling you out and telling you to do better, what did you do? Did you take it stride? Did you immerse yourself into the crucible of change, purge yourself of the impurities that defiled your character and your friendships, and forge yourself into an implement of precision for your own betterment?


Lmfao no. You double down into your own bullshit. I'd tell you to do better, but I don't think there's any hope for that. A lifetime of mediocrity and a forgotten expiration in your garbage heap won't come soon enough, and when it does, I won't be the only one saying good riddance.

It's been fun, too, drifter community, but I cant run with you anymore. We're not sympatico anymore. Too many run-ins with you guys, even despite traveling almost always alone of my own volition making my time with random travelers few and far between, poisoned the well for me. I've got my friends for whom I'll do anything from the road, and I'm good now. The rest of you I don't want to know or care to even meet. Random fist fights, crippling poverty, and dying of hepatitis under a highway bridges doesn't sound like a good time to me anymore. Good luck out there kids. Remember to evaluate your lives.

Til never again
Redbeard ☠️

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