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I'm currently sitting in PVD with Boston being an hour away. I've repeatedly heard about how hostile Boston is towards homeless/ poor people(, and people in general).

This rises my issues with squatting in such a place. I question the legality behind to start with. I heard it's "illegal" to be homeless in the city, so surely if the pigs found people in abandoned buildings they would be arrested. It sounds like one of those places where one surely wouldn't want to squat inner city, if at all.

Does anyone around here have any (recent) experience squatting or generally bumming around in Boston, Mass.?
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Apr 25, 2013
Plymouth, United States
meh. tons of homeless hanging around boston pretty much right in the open. it actually seems pretty lax compared to many cities i've been. otherwise the rules are pretty much the same as anywhere else, don't stick out and don't be seen. havnt been arrested or caught there so I can't help in that department.

also good luck finding squats, the city has been really growing the past few decades so there is not a huge abundance of abandoned buildings.
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Mar 11, 2015
Watertown, United States
two spots come to mind i stayed two nights under I-93 overpass behind Bunker Hill Community College spange for money in the North end; I stayed 4 days at the woods near Alewife brook parkway Cambridge and along mystic river spange for money near the station and MA Route 2 near the lights
if this helps


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Dec 4, 2014
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How is Southie? What is Southie? Is it a Utopia or 'Hell in a very small place'?

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Thanks for your guidance on the issue.

I've found out some very unfortunate news: The property value in Boston and a lot of Mass is too high for squatting to be tolerated. Most of the land out here is owned by someone.

However there's a decent size punk and anarchy community here, so if you can meet the right people before you get here, by some means, you'll make it.
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Mar 21, 2016
The best place I ever flew a sign was in boston, of the Forrest hills mbta station the intersection of Ukraine way and Washington st. I'd walk off that intersection with $200 just standing there an hour.


May 21, 2016
I grew up in the boston metro area, have lived there many times, and live close now. You can find leftist type kids in Allston/Brighton, JP, Dorchester. We're not the warmest friendliest people by any means so really try to shine if you need to meet people to crash with. Its far from a place like Missoula. The citys not grided so there are nooks and crannys in many places, but if you're not local you'd have to really case and explore places. That being said like most cities in America, they've either been abandoned or completely blown up by massive real estate booms. Boston is the latter. So much development and security around private property to the point theres basically nothing and mostly risk. I remember almost getting arrested by like 10 cops and having to go to court in 2009 for tresspassing in some vacant buildings right downtown. Now they're luxury condos of course. The reason why America is a police state is tied heavily to Boston Police Dept. so tread lightly, they don't give a fuck about cutting ya a break. I wouldn't recommend this city for travelers unless ya wanna experience, repression, but I'm probably very biased being from the area.

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