Columbus, OH- Downtown Rooftop and 5 stories of abandon floors. (1 Viewer)


May 14, 2012
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Be there soon
A great spot to check out in Columbus is what's know as Dead Mans Mountain. The building on the northeast corner of High St. and Gay St. is empty. Gain access to the roof first by climbing the fire escape in the back of building. You'll need to shimmy your way up to the escape first by useing the runoff drain next to it and the building.
Once on the roof you'll see that it's easy going from then on. You'll be on the third floor and see it will be easy to climb up different leaves to higher elevation. There will also be an open window that leaves right to the rest of the building.
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Jan 26, 2014
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San Diego, CA
you pretty familiar with Ohio? ive only been to youngstown i haven't yet gone to many places around that region, i want to check it out as well as some neighboring states , i never here anything about Toledo, you been?

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