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Nov 30, 2009
Hello StP

I came across this forum through a friend of mine. It's full of tasty little tidbits and, through some brief consideration, I decided to join. The stories and ideals I've witnessed here are inspiring to me. I've got my feet on the ground, pack ready and mind, well, fairly stable. I'm just waiting for the good weather to set in before I hit the road- a lot farther from home than last year. Me and my buddy are setting off from the West Coast as far east as us young travellers can handle. I hope by creeping around I'll learn from the rest of ya's mistakes so that I can make as few as my own as possible. Expect to see me posting... - CBB
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Mar 19, 2007
Duncan, Canada
Good to know there is other good folk on the Island. Send me a PM, we could get together, drink some booze, spot the SVI! Nanaimo area still runs freights, a few dozen a week!

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