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Jul 17, 2011
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a hoe handle with a table cloth full of shit tied to it. you can use to handle for a weapon, make a guitar, sexual gratification, poking around dumpsters. the cloth can be put over a park picnic table so you dont look like a bum and hide your crap underneath it. a tent. a beach towel clothing for fat people, etc etc


Wise Sage
Apr 20, 2007
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eastern shore of Maryland
there always wal-mart.... they used to have these camoflauge remington hiking packs for 20some bucks but i dont think they sell those anymore..... i think now they have 2 different coleman packs... one is 60 some dollars the other is around 30 i think...... i mean theyre cheap as shit but by the time it's completely falling apart youll have gotten your money's worth out of it....and if yer slick like that you can throw a few items in there and go to the self checkout


Jul 26, 2011
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Springfield Hellinois
that material seems a little thin to me...but i guess it's lite....i wonder how waterproof that shit is
and it is very light...but I'm just a hitchhiker..not sure if it's good for railriders..alot of my brothers n sisters that train hop usually stick to pickles...guess it depends on your preference of travel..

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