CB Radio Mounted on Bicycle (1 Viewer)

Aug 22, 2011
Westernville, NY

Pretty good video about installing a CB on your bike.
I think I may install this on my motorized recumbent trike so that I have the option of being social anywhere I'm at, or radioing for help / weather updates, or maybe even finding some work (?). I even wonder whether, as a bike tourer, it'd be a good way to make oneself more visible on two-lane highways to truckers, thus keeping you safer and maybe making friends along the way.

Anyone else ever done this?
This guy: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Midland-Miniature-Handheld-CB-Weather-Radio/10603644 is a little pricey but I may go ahead and purchase it because it is so compact. Since my recumbent trike has a flag for safety anyway, I could make the flag a double-use gear item that is also a radio antenna.
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Feb 10, 2017
Gang Mills, NY
Pretty cool idea. The only thing to look at with the handheld units is to make sure they put out the full power that is allowed, 5W.

For the antenna, you could get one of the full length 1/4 wave jobs that's 9 feet tall. :p

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