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Sep 23, 2018
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For this installment of Latitude Adjustment Podcast I speak with David Vrabo, in Tijuana, and I think you'll find our conversation helpful in contextualizing some of the sensationalized news headlines floating around out there.

From David's 4,000 km bike trip, to the caravan that's been moving its way towards the US border from Central America, to the seemingly endless carnage wrought by the Drug War, to Mexican politics, conversations with migrant workers, a real-world lesson in corruption and extortion, a speed-history lesson on US relations with Latin America, and reflections from my own two-year journey throughout the borderlands, I think there's something in here for everyone, no matter your level of familiarity with Mexico and Latin America.

It would mean a lot if you share this around, and help to counter some of the misinformation out there. Gracias!

(all photo credits to David Vrabo)

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