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[ame=]Digital Camera Hack[/ame]
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i have never seen one of those cameras are they comen in the us?


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Thats ineteresting. But i dont see why you wouldnt just buy a twenty doller digital camera in the first place. IM sure they exist for that cheap.


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you reckon you can get digital cameras for that cheap?


i want


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most cameras ive seen that havent been a piece of shit are usually over $50

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
this hack has been around for about 2 years or so. the difference is that these disposable cameras actually have pretty darn good quality.

if you pay for a 20 dollar digital camera, the quality is going to be shit. but if you buy this camera (the disposable digital kind) the quality has to be pretty decent since the whole point is to be able to print it out at the film place.

the main disadvantage of these cameras is that they only take about 24 shots (meaning they have a very very small internal memory). hacks exist to make it fit more pictures, but the quality of each picture will be reduced somewhat. still, for the price, and if you're willing to put in the work, it can be a great solution.

another thing, is that a few months to a year ago, they finally got the cvs disposable camcorders hacked, so you can basically do the same thing, but have a 20 dollar digital camcorder as well. the quality is pretty decent, and holds about 20-30 minutes.

you can find more info about this by going to, and search for digital camera/camcorder hack. you should be able to find full links on every aspect of acheiving this hack.
Jan 12, 2007
this kid i met in Cincy had one of these. worked great. and he figured out the low memory problem. He dumpstered a fancy digital with a cracked screen. He tried to explain, but I didn't get most of it. somehow he wired in the memory card slot from the camera to the disposable. had it all crammed into a tic-tac box glued to the bottom. he left-handed a few memory cards, and had as much memory as he needed.


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whats the deal with the batterys
are they stuck in it ?
can they be replaced?


Jan 21, 2007
usually what i do with proprietary battery packs is ditch em, and make a new battery pack equivalent voltage to the original, for example if say an ipod used a lithium ion battery @ 3.7 volts id use 3 x1.5v aa batterys in a pack and wire it to the negative and positive connectors in the portable device, now you have a standard battery pack instead of proprietary. now 3x1.5 volt batterys isnt 3.7 volts it would be 4.5v but most new age devices have voltage regulators so you can get away with a bit more voltage, and actually in an ipod situation 4.5 volts instead of the 3.7 will make the unit run a lot longer and slightly quicker then the default battery, except it wouldnt be esthetically pleasing for some people..

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