c.f.p-90 GI issue pack (1 Viewer)


Nov 11, 2008
north america
i've gone through alot of packs in my day, from swissgear, to northface, to kelty, alice to molle... none really do the exact job i need

i just got a cfp 90 gi issue and is seems perfect so far, i was wondering if anyone has, or has had one in the past and what your experiences were

any input helps

in any case, i'll post back in a couple months after ive gotten the feel for it and let ya know how it goes
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May 10, 2010
Los Angeles
I dont know man, I roll streamline. just a fanny pack, berkenstocks, my tie dyed unitard and an emergency blanket that I got from sally's.


On the move
Apr 3, 2010
Los Angeles
I use it. It's easy to load light at the bottom, heavy on top. It is more than adequate for my winter load. Compression straps keep everything tight on your back. I've used it for loads up to 50 lbs. Pocket on the side fits my cut down sleeping pad. It's not a golite, but it's durable, and works well provided you're strict about keeping the load light. Don't bother getting or using the patrol pack. It adds two pounds for an awkward purse.

Retail for a real army one is around 100. Don't get the "mil spec PLUS" versions, they're shoddily made.

Here's one on ebay.
Camouflage Rucksack Backpack - eBay (item 120591007347 end time Jul-08-10 19:48:44 PDT)


Nov 8, 2008
I have no idea.
I use a british ruck sack these days and its alright. kinda pickle pack ish but it has to huge removable pockets on the side and a huge brain on top. Im sure the one you have will work a lot fucking better than the one you had in PDX last year. that shit was fucked. ha
Nov 30, 2020
I love the cfp 90, I started using them years ago and they’re my go to. Molle frames are shit and I always lose shit with Alice packs. My only issue is with the two metal frame bars, they tend to bend inward and jut in my back just below the kidneys, that said they’re easily removable. I’ve been thinking about taking a saws all to em and cutting them down a bit shorter and doing some sewing to keep them in place for back support, I havnt gotten around to it though. That and you have make sure the bolts that hold the straps to the pack for height adjustment tend to not want to stay there and losing both of them sucks. Making sure they’re tight in the morning is part of my general routine when I’m on the road. Other than that they’re perfect imo

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