Bwon jorno, i guess...


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May 29, 2021
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The Alps
Class 81 from mozzarella country right here. Just lurking around, this seem like a mainly american community isn'it? Any europeans?
Been squatting and hitchhiking since 15 out of necessity and have seen a big chunk of the spectrum across Europe, tried to hop a freight train once and almost died xD so for to never try again.
Had a dog brother for 17 of this years. Recently saved a pitbull from a madman and lost all my upper denture except the two front, so I'm a beaver with a pitbull now I guess. xD
Have a background in computer science but left it all to do other stuff.
I wanted to add my couchsurfing profile but now that couchsurfing is paid subscriptions only I don't see the point.

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