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Jul 21, 2009
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Everywhere, No where
Hello all, dont think I have done an introduction in a couple years. Mite as well do one for the new updated site. Looking good Matt by the way. I see the rebelion is over. Hehe. Well dont get one here very much any more, dont need it as much anymore. Check in mostly so Matt wont delete my account. Its been a great journey with this site. From EAST COAST to the WEST COAST to the hellahella COLD OI, OI. That was a year in a half. Then a year living behind a bush in Long Beach. Fell off for a year while working for the power company in San Diego. Remember that SoCal black out.... Now open and free to roam the country, well after I finish up here visting my fucking sister in South Dakota. Crazy bitch bit me, twice! Drew blood, and she ante got no teeth! She did have to knaw on it for a min. or two. So out on the street. low of 4, high of hopefully below 32 because I dont want the snow to melt and mud everything up. First night sucked, but each nigh after better/warmer. Im calling it my winter training. Could use it since I almost died in a snow storm the first cross country adventure.

Now the question is... Do I hitch hike from here to Tx. or do some day labor to get my bus ticket. Maybe I can do some day labor and Plane hike(Throw the pilot some money for gas), always wanted to try that. Wont get me all the way there but sure would be fun. Now anyone who is anyone should be going like "Why the hell are you going to Texas?". Well, see the homies, go back to school, get some certs, go entrepreneurial on that red neck state, buy some of its cheap ass land and start me a cult. I hear it already has a few so maybe I could learn a thing or two from them - Thing 1 - What to do? Thing 2- How to not get blowed up by the Feds.
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Love my bike polo family: keep my ass grounded and in a healthy mental status!
Grilled Mental anguish over lack of will to do what need done. Served bland on a bed of fuck yourself over... self destruction recipes like momma used to make!
Meditated in the woods today. Decided to start doing this weekly while I continue to research and buy camping gear, so that I can get used to being actually in the forest, which carries with it varying temperatures and so many God damn bugs.
It's always nice to see fireflies again..
Feelin' dat circus magic yo
Just saw a bunch of church kids run across the street screaming JAY WALKIN FOR JESUS
Separating , what I need and what the Gods And Goddesses will soon bless me with ... HER magic ....
ibuzzard wrote on quad8's profile.
Really hope you aren’t posting some anti-semitic B.S.?
[short Hail Mary re-write I did]
Come and get me, mate
If you motherfuckers want quad 8
If Stobe was still drinking booze, he would never ride with Jew
Na na-na-na na-na-na-na

Get off that 8
'Cuz it's time to set your punk-ass straight
It's STP here now, steve-0 got it down and locked
la la-la-la la-la-la-locked

"Now I return to my regular self, and have fun again!" :)

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