Seeking Ride Boston To Anchorage AK OR BUST!!

Aug 15, 2018
Current Location
Revere Mass 02151
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I’m a 47-year-old man mechanically inclined I’m a good navigator I don’t have a drivers license it is suspended at the moment but I’m a good gas pump her and payer LOL I can hold a conversation for hours on anything from I can hold a conversation for hours on anything from physics to80s trivia Physics to 80’s trivia i’m 6 foot two 235 pounds been relatively good shape for my age the world can get lonely in the road can get dangerous I’m a good person to have by your side if you’re traveling the open road for a long distance I have really small a lot of stuff to take with me several boxes no furniture to speak of just the TV that flatscreen in a box or maybe a half a pallets worth of stuff and I will pay generously to drive across this beautiful country and get to my destinations Anchorage Alaska or thereabouts

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Blah recalling 1st OD gawd it was stupid...
ok most of the display bugs should be sorted out now. let me know if you see anything weird.
Couple more days on the mountain and then gonna check out some more Colorado.
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nice background pic!
I am aware of the graphical glitches at the top of the website and am working on getting it fixed.
Taking my son out for his first real camping trip today! Then rolling out to wherever next week.
corn pads dopnt work, podiatrists cost heaps $$$, corns, the tramps curse( that and finding a place to charge your fone)
Went to a nude beach on the Columbia river and bar hopped with @Geraldo! What a great way to spend a Tuesday. Now I'm spending the day resting in the parking lot of dope truck stop that has a karaoke bar in it. Life fucking rules.
Well the latest software update really fucked up some shit at the top of the site. *sigh* great, more work for me to do...
Me and a crew of 8 Polish musicians and artists hitting the Canary Islands on December 1st
Whoever feels like tagging along please do!