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May 30, 2018
Miami, FL
I love physical books and I love physically writing. Here's three books (with plenty of space for my own note taking) in my pack that I feel are more or less "necessary" but I'd really love to see a discussion about your favorite books vs. their digital counterparts. Having everything contained in a smart phone or tablet is incredibly convenient and this item is useful for other applications, but that puts a lot of expectations on one single piece of expensive gear.

1. Daily planner that includes a calendar vs. Smart Phone notepad & Google Calendar

2. Rand McNally Compact Road Atlas vs. Assisted GPS (+/- cellular signal)

3. The Wright Guide to Free and Low-cost Campgrounds vs.
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Aug 13, 2019
Southern Arizona
Anything that you consider to be essential (within reason) you should have a physical copy of, just in case the 'net goes down where you are, no service, broken device, etc. Something such as maps are extremely valuable and handy to have on hand, as compared to recreational reading, which could be anything of interest, and there isn't any reason that couldn't be an ebook.

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