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Fuck whoever made that AWESOME hammock! Jealous! What an amazing idea! hahahaha!
The only thing I may suggest is dumpster a bike shop if your in need of a large amount of bike tubes.. But I'm pretty sure you knew that already. :)


Dec 25, 2012
west coast
depending on where you are i'd recommend hitting up your local bicycle co-op & asking about blown tubes


Aug 28, 2011
60° North , europe
sounds fun for lounging if its not to sweaty !
probably dont want to carry it far or sleep in it i hope?

You can normaly just walk into a bike shop and ask them for spent tubes so you dont even have to wait for the right day and crawl in the bin .. =)


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Well theres a bike shop in Denver downtown somewhere that always has a shit ton of tubes in its dumpster seemingly on any given day. I dumpstered it quite a lot while I was there for parts n' shit.. Usually came out pretty good! :)


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Umm.. I can't be sure it was south of Civic Center Park. 9th and Broadway maybe? I don't know. I did a lot of runs dumpstering with some folk for anything from food to furniature. All I remember was some bike shop south of Colfax seemed to have a lot of good shit in its dumpster. Or at least tubes (at the time I was making jewelry out of it.) Which by the way if you're not from Denver and not farmiliar with its dumpster divin'.. Shit is plentiful. lol I found a huge ass piece of canvas once after talking about wanting to d some sort of community art project AND a bong, weed and a ton of paints for it in the great city of Denver's trash. I love Colorado soooo much for that reason. lol


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I don't think its a very practical idea for travelling. Couldn't imagine how much it would weigh.


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I think the advantage of using this material would be best utilized for it's water resistant properties. Not an important property for a hammock. You want to find a fabric that's both durable and collapsible like tyvec from a construction site, or rip stop nylon. If your hell bent on water proofing the outside try silicon coated nylon.

Justin Case

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Mar 30, 2015
I was excited by the idea till i saw the photo. That looks impractical to me the way it is , way to heavy to be packing around and the weave could be improved. that does look like a good idea for a cot though, maybe even a futon frame that i could leave out innawoods and just toss a sleepbag onto. That would be great near a riverbank type scene. durable, dry, insect free. do it on a pipe frame across 2 canoes now i got a catamaran deck. now i got ideas for island furniture
hmm <- damn look at the prices in the bike wheel rim chairs ! Whoa
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