Best places in California to fly a sign? (also Oregon, Idaho, Montana) (1 Viewer)


Sep 7, 2014
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Sunny California
Hey guys, I'm planning a trip soon and I don't have a lot of $$$ so I plan to be flying a sign along the way. I'm gonna be traveling from Los Angeles up through California then through Oregon to Portland over through Idaho into Montana.

I'd like to know any good places to fly a sign along this general route. Ideally these should be places where the copa will leave me alone and where I can make a decent amount of money in 2-4 hour's time.

To anybody who thinks this will blow these spots up, let's be honest how many people in the next 5 years are gonna see this thread? 100? Maybe. But even if they do get a little more traffic from panhandlers it won't be that bad.

Any advice helps. Thanks guys!
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Dec 12, 2013
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Slab City, CA
My advice would be freeway off-ramps in large metropolitan areas, where there's a traffic light for the ramp. Granted, you may or may not get harassed by the cops, but you get A LOT of exposure in (relatively) very little time. Just be sure you're not ON the actual pavement; stand/sit a little off to the side. Yeah, you'll have to get up and run to collect anytime there's a kickdown, but the amount of people that will pass you and potentially kick something down is pretty high, especially in CA.

One word of warning/advice: if a cop tells you to move, just move. Don't argue, don't go back to the same spot an hour later, and definitely don't just ignore them. If you've collected enough cash/kickdowns to be relatively comfortable, simply move on to the next town/city/destination. It's not worth the hassle of going to jail over something so trivial as a good spot to fly.


Jul 11, 2014
well heres my experience flying a sign in socal so far...anaheim was about 20 an hour at most flying a sign at the off ramp. but i made like 10 bucks in 10 minutes flying a sign at the gas station before getting kicked out. in los angeles it was down to about 7 bucks an hour...pretty shitty but theres not a cop in sight.


Sep 7, 2014
Current Location
Sunny California
I might not end up in Anaheim. Thanks though.

Anything in San Francisco? Which districts are the best/worst?



Feb 3, 2013
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High rockies colorado

Dont underestimate the power of the interwebz
U dont know what the future holds for this site.
U also underestimate the traffic that this site has.just because we dont have a bloomin boom in new users doesnt mean ppl who dont register,dont read the forums.
Ur answers could be recieved in a PM and no worries will be had about "blowin a spot up"
even if u only leave footprints behind,
Someone will surely follow them.

Just sayin

U might skip a rock across a creeks surface and once the ripples cease u think the creek remains unchanged but think about what lies bellow the surface.
A rock.....that previusly wasnt,changing the flow of water forever.all because u wanted to throw a rock.


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Oct 12, 2017
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San Diego, CA
SF ppl get hella territorial about it in general. But the place is so over crowded now, I think a corner is just first come first served.... I found the Financial District to be fruitful but that's just me. North Beach sucked cuz it's a lot of tourists...

I know you did mention LA + areas north.....

HOWEVER, that being said, in San Diego I've seen a lot of luck in the suburban areas: as if everyone wants to take care of their own.

There's a lady with severe scoliosis who flies at Univ & College pretty constant- so it must produce enough.

SF in general is kinda shitty. Once my ex + I were down by Embarcadero 1 + just lazily sitting there when this guy runs up with 8 cans of sardines! Yes, sardines.

"Will this help?!" He asks....

Well anything @ that point would've (two broke tweakers)so we said, "Uh sure" + took the bag....

We ate sardines + mayo sandwiches for a week. Coulda been worse I guess.

Good luck to ya tho.

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