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May 3, 2008
Northern California
Really no other animals are actually that great for the road (and I'd go so far as to say that generally, it's not a good environment for dogs either). The obvious second choice is cats, but cats enjoy stability and having the same place to sleep, and have more of a tendency to get lost and eaten by predators. Of all the cats I've seen on the road, very few have survived past a year. Most animals just aren't as adaptable to different temperatures and environments as humans, and this country has a very wide range of both, and that rules out a lot of pets like reptiles and ferrets.

Unless you're in a vehicle, honestly, a dog is the only reasonable choice.


Wise Sage
Aug 24, 2017
Roads n rails
Rubber tramping is so different from trains, which is different from hitching, which is different than bussing, etc. Different animals are better suited for different types of travel.

I traveled w my last rat and other than trains I think it was great for her bc she got to spend 24/7 with me and experience all kinds of nature and people. I ended up not traveling w her anymore once I found a good home for her since I felt like the volume of train noises was bad/stressful for her. We did plenty of hitching and walking which was fine tho.
I did a write up on traveling with a rat on here if u want more specifics on how.

I think cats just flat out should not be on the road unless ur rubber tramping bc like dameon said, they like the stability and routine of having their own turf and sleep spot. Not to say I haven't heard of the few exceptions of cats who seem to thrive out here. I think cats that do well out here are FAR and few between.

I have a puppy now and have accepted that if she ends up not being okay on trains I have to choose between riding and having her. I carry a water cooler with ice in it when we're in the heat so I can rub ice on her belly n paws. She has to be carried if the ground is too hot or she's too tired. It's a lot more work. And I guess that's the most important thing to keep in mind if ur trynna have a pet with u. It's going to be a lot more work. Planning around certain places during certain seasons, carrying their food and extra water, not always being able to go into stores or bum feeds, having to hide them on some busses, etc.


Dec 11, 2016
If your Rubber Tramping dogs. They let you know if someone comes near your campsite. They like going for walk so you get exercise instead of laying around. They are easy to talk to and don't criticize what you have to say. Dogs give you unconditional love which is impossible to find in society. 57485


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