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Apr 20, 2007
Current Location
eastern shore of Maryland
is the shit !!!! ............same amount of beer to amount of can season it up however the fuck you want...maybe throw some cornmeal in with it......... CHEAP ...... like a dollar 4 a pound of flour, veg. oil is cheap and your already gonna be buyin the beer..... onion rings..fried can use those tomato sauce cans you find in pizza place dumpsters to deep fry in........
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Mar 26, 2009
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san diego
this sounds yummy, ima steal some beer to make this. we already have these huge ass bags of flour... the possibilities are endless!!!!


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Aug 27, 2011
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agreed. try this one out if you like spicy own recipe. make the batter however you want- i prefer rice flour instead of bleached white bc it has a nice taste, i guess more expensive? ... but not if you have your 5 finger discount card at your side. plus the rice flour comes in small bags, very easy...

anyway get some habeneros, or jalapenos (if you aren't that bold, or ready for the literal shit storm the next morning...) and some bacon and any kind of cheese you want- i think swiss works the best for taste.

1. Drink a beer
2. Make beer batter
3. Hollow out your peppers
4. Stuff with said cheese to the brim- mmmm cheeeese
5. Wrap a piece of bacon around, if you're good like me, you can wrap and tuck the bacon into itself so it holds together nice.
6. Drink a beer
7. Dip in batter, and place in hot oil

8. What the fuck?! you're done! take em out! eat!*****

**** make sure they brown a bit, and usually float to the top when done. also, if the batter is TOO thick, the bacon won't cook well. make sure it's enough for a coating, but the bacon can still crisp.

Lemme know if anyone tries it. I'll be making some in a few days again. Cheers

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