Baseless bum at large, not from but in TX, ....

Feb 10, 2018
Current Location
Vero Beach, FL
Quit my job in Miami on Sunday, on the road again, keeping it moving, sans plan. Traveled from FL to CA (stopping in TX, CO, NV in between) in a RV a few years ago with a friend and a cat, which changed my life profoundly in ways supernatural and strange beyond those that one would expect, which I will not delve into here now. I'm following "signs". Rock and roll. Want to get a RV outfit with solar to serve as a mobile music studio/holy rolling home, in a perfect world. I don't like staying stationary. Driving & thriving, trouble deciding. I like rhyming, simple-minded.

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Everybody rolls back around the way eventually. Hey STP, long time no see.
In Redding, CA in search of under the table work and pay to the east and north.
I'm over being stuck on felony probation. Got my license back and a car now though. So fuck them I'm driving out this town, they'll have to find me if they want to keep me!
Most people are utter fucking morons, myself included. THE END
Dose any body no were the 2019 Ocala rainbow gathering will be this year really interested in going
Any other harmonica players out there?
Uncle Tupelo is a moist motherfucker.
Nothing interesting happening here. Boring is better than drama so, I can't complain :)
One day you'll be washing yourself with hand soap in a public bathroom. And you'll be thinking, "How did i get here? Where the hell am I?" If the roles were reversed you coulda seen me sneaking up, sneaking up from behind.

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