Bama kicks down nice::


Jan 20, 2019
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San Antonio
So on my first train journey, planned to head West from NoLa but wound up I'm Alabama, found a dog to travel with.. named her after my hometown (Nola) her leg is messed up so I wound up having to stay here till she's far the people have been amazing. Made enough money on day one to get a phone and new pack since mine broke hopping off the train... plu more food water and Dogg stuff than I could carry. Day two was even better my first $100 dollar kick down lus the gentleman hooked me up with his vet to check out Nolas leg. Even though bama has looked out for a dirty kid and his cur, I'm ready to catch out. Gotta make sure sheb100%& can hop first, vet owns soon for now, warm clothes and beer spange
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Vance Lee

Jun 26, 2018
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Sebastian, Florida
Well just remember on your second train journey, that those East bound trains, can make West bound destinations, a helluva lot more complicated than they have to be. You only have Georgia left :D I am glad Alabama was kind to you and your new road buddy. :D

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