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Feb 3, 2021
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Hello everyone.
I come to this site at a time where I feel increasingly lost, disconnected and very down in the dumps. I've never squatted anywhere before, except over a festival shitter so as not to sit in piss - not the same kind of squatting.
I've always wanted to fuck this society off and become self-sufficient. Without getting into politics; the world I see is a fucking mess. The systems in place and my neurochemistry do not make for good bedfellows. The structure of society is designed in such a way that I could never succeed or find true contentment. I'm only human and I want all the shiny stuff too. I want money and lots of it, I want property, cars and motorcycles but most of all, I want Power. I'd never do well with any of those things. I've seen that it doesn't last... The happiness that is. I reckon I'd always be in a state of 'needing' more things to fill that void. More thrills, more risks, and potentially, a lot of fucking drugs. I'd much prefer to separate myself from it all. It's psychologically safer to break those bonds I have to the unfulfilling gimmicks. But...As ugly as the truth is, it's fucking enticing, isn't it?! I've been convinced that one day I'll have a job which pays me what I am worth and which enables me to provide for a family, get a nice house, car and a couple of holidays a year. Fuck... I've tried for years and I just cannot live like that. Day in day out. Clock in clock out. Ask permission for a day off, ask permission for a holiday? Fuck off... I'm resentful and obstinate. I've been told that I need to play the game in order to get out of the game. I have to take part in the rat-race in order to raise the funds to buy land etc etc etc. It's unattainable for me. Is there another way? I know we shouldn't be living as we are! Someone, please tell me that a life without money is possible for me. For me?!

I don't know the first thing about squatting but I want to learn all I can. I've been a nomad for the entirety of my adult life but it's never been on my own terms, persé. I never initially wanted a nomadic lifestyle, and I'm not a big lover of other humans, so this is fucking scary for me. However, through a mixture of bad decisions, bad education and bad luck I always seem to bring me back here; To this place of uncertainty. It's in this place that I have to seriously consider leaving my current accommodation. I need to embrace this. I've toyed with the idea of squatting for MANY years. I even made my way to Runnymede, a little commune, close to Windsor, but I lost the courage to actually set up and live there. I'm a massive wimp. I have much of the knowledge of self-sufficiency in my head; hunting, building a shelter (short and long term), making a fire, map reading, foraging, fishing etc. Hell.. I could even tell you how to build a cob house, foundation and all! But I have no practical experience. None but what I do on an ordinary camping trip. Ideally, I'd like to fuck off and live in the woods, near a river, but that ain't even close to realistic. So squatting my way around the world seems like the next best thing. Is it even possible to move from squat to squat? Are there any countries in which squatting is legal? How, as a woman, do I protect myself when squatting? What personal belongings do I take? Are there permanent squats? What are my rights, as a British citizen, when squatting in England?

And so, as I'm sure you've heard my story before and I bet many of you have similar aspects in your own; I find myself a nomad as a result of shitty parents, homelessness, hostels, hospitals, bad mental health, debt and a bunch of lovely childhood trauma stories to read to you before bed! I oftentimes felt that I'd always be on this path. No... Not quite fully on any path, sort of... bouncing in-between paths. I get that false sense of security. A false foundation. The reality? I'm living in someone else's house, paying their bills and cleaning up after them. I'd always had hopeful thoughts; this time, no matter what, I'll make it work. Well, I've had a fuckin' nuff! Things are fucking up but I have decided to embrace it, rather than fight it. Enjoy the ride, so to speak.
Come at me with advice or information, or if you fancy a chat about anything relevant.
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May 30, 2012
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Bristol, United Kingdom
What's up dude! Not gonna lie I'm drunk n tired so I didn't read that whole thing but I had to click on it because I literally heard your accent through the screen from the tie and it made me smile ☺ ever make it to the south west hit me up although I might be heading to a squat in Manchester soon

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